Bio Oil products are conventionally used to improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars, uneven skin tone and dehydrated skin.

For many, the product has worked wonders and delivered visible results that can be attested to after more than eight weeks of continuous and proper application of the product.

As a skin care item that comes in a single format of a treatment oil, Bio Oil products offer consumers a degree of flexibility in terms of its application and uses. Insightful shopper recommendations provided information on how Bio Oil can be extended beyond its current positioning as a treatment for problematic skin conditions. Though no formal tests were released to prove the efficacy of this product on new applications, stretching this brand outside of its conventional purpose is a safe undertaking for consumers since Bio Oil is (1) a light formulation suitable even for sensitive skins; (2) hypoallergenic, it does not cause allergies; (3) preservative-free.

Using Bio Oil for New Reasons

Not only do consumers find Bio Oil as an effective product for scars, uneven skin tone, stretch marks and dry skin; users likewise see a potential for this brand in the following new applications:

  • Bio Oil as a face cream that prevents the development of wrinkles and provides extra stretch for the skin.
  • Bio Oil for face specifically for pimples, which smoothens out the face and hastens the drying of existing pimples.
  • Bio Oil as hand and feet moisturizer which evens out dark and dry spots and softens calluses.
  • Bio Oil for eye bags which prevents and reduces the presences of dark circles beneath the eye area.
  • Bio Oil for eczema and sunburn which provides relief  and reduces the redness of mild sunburns and eczema
  • Bio Oil as a value-for-money bath oil that gives instant conditioning to the skin
  • Bio Oil for hair that  makes styling easier and untangles the strands

Getting to the Details – Bio Oil as an Overall Moisturizer

A key strength of the product is its ability to intensely moisturize the skin. Consumers have proven that Bio Oil can be an effective hand and feet softener to even out dry and rough spots and calluses. Primarily caused by friction and excessive compression of the skin’s surface, calluses and roughened areas are addressed by external applications of creams or spa treatments to lessen its dryness and toughness.

Mild sunburns caused by outdoor exposures can likewise be addressed by the product. Though Bio Oil does not necessarily promise a cooling property, this product provides relief by soothing the and conditioning the area to reduce its redness. For a more serious form of skin irritation, Bio Oil has worked for people who suffer from mild eczema breakouts – those that do not leave wounds or open cuts on the skin. In one way or another, Bio Oil for eczema improves the appearance of the affected area and for other users, the product has even reduced its inflammation.

Getting to the Details – Bio Oil Cream for the Face

Bio Oil products do not come in the format of creams per se. Primarily because of the formulation’s liquid consistency, Bio Oil is often considered as a treatment oil. Despite the general format of which the product appears, manufacturers intended Bio Oil to have the properties of both oil and cream. On one hand, oil being oxygen-free is an effective medium where the activating ingredients can be retained even when exposed to the external environment. On the other hand the runny consistency and greasiness of the oil is reduced to allow for a cream-like texture which improves Bio Oil’s overall permeability property.

The way the Bio Oil formulation was conceived by the manufacturers clearly sets this product apart from other brand. While it can be applied to almost any part of the  body, Bio Oil is likewise  safe for facial applications as it can be easily absorbed by the skin and is light enough even for day use.

Bio Oil can be treated as a part of an overall beauty regimen for the face. More than speeding up the fading of acne scars, this treatment oil can also be used to (1) prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin, (2) brighten the surrounding areas of the eyes and reduce dark circles beneath them, and (3) quickly dry existing pimples and smoothen out the area. These new uses are made possible by key ingredients such as the plant-based extracts (Rosemary, Chamomile, Marigold, Soybean Oil), vitamins (Vitamin A and E) and synthetic chemicals (PurCellin Oil and Benzyl Salicylate) which are known to improve the skin’s elasticity, regenerate skin cells and reduce pimple breakouts.

Stretching Bio Oil Beyond its Topical Skincare Image

Bio Oil products have come a long way as they are becoming more accepted not only as a treatment oil for direct application to the skin but likewise as a value-adding and all-around beauty product.

Consumers have found great uses for the brand as a luxurious bath oil which leverages on the conditioning properties of the product. Moreover, this skincare specialist item also made a catchphrase out of Bio Oil for hair as the target market created a new use for Bio Oil as a hair styling and conditioning application. Because of the flexibility attributed to the Bio Oil brand, more uses are expected to be created by the patrons and users alike; the above-name applications are just a few steps from creating new usage reasons for Bio Oil.

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