The brand Bio Oil has been attached to a multitude of uses and applications - for stretch marks, scars, uneven skin tone, dry skin and literally for almost any spot on the skin’s surface.

Bio Oil for face is one of the popular branding attributed to the product; this is reflective of the consumers’ acceptance of this skincare item for the specific topical use on the facial area.

Face-Specific Uses of the Brand

Bio Oil was catapulted as a global brand primarily because of its flexibility in application and its efficacy in working as a treatment oil for imperfections on the skin. Analyzing Bio Oil primarily as a product for the facial area, one would realize that though specific, the brand can still be applied for a variety of reasons – the flexibility of this treatment oil lends itself to this advantage. The following are the brand basics when using Bio Oil on the face:

Uses. Focusing on just on the regions on the face, Bio Oil can be used to speed up the fading of pimple marks, blemishes and visible scars resulting from acne breakouts. Secondly, with the heavy duty antioxidant ingredients present in its formulation, it can be used as an anti-aging oil for the face. Third, this product can be applied on the areas beneath the eyes to lighten eye bags and reduce their visible darkness. Lastly, the appearance of dark spots on the skin such as the ones caused by melasma can be improved by Bio Oil with sustained use of the product.

Application and Duration. Bio Oil online indicates that this treatment oil works best under a twice-daily application on the affected area for a minimum of three months. If consumers plan to use Bio Oil as face cream (though the product is not in the form of cream per se), two to three drops is sufficient to cover the entire face and the neck as the consistency allows Bio Oil to be easily spread all over the concerned surface. Since only a few amount of the product is needed per application, such cosmetic brand is very light to the consumer’s budget. For instance, a 200ml Bio Oil can last up to approximately one to two months assuming that the user applies the oil only on the facial area.

Consumer Responses – Is Bio Oil Good for the Face?

The use of Bio Oil specifically for the face has garnered both positive and negative reviews about the brand. Face-specific uses for the brand are very much hard to gauge especially that it is especially intended for application of less sensitive parts of the body, for instance on thighs, hands, feet, arms, or legs. Regardless of this, consumers still use Bio Oil on the face as it is sufficiently light even for sensitive skin and have ingredient similar to other facial creams. A rundown of positive and negative consumer responses include the following:

Positive Feedbacks: Bio Oil as a face-friendly substitute for cosmetic creams

  • After a few weeks of use on the face, areas on the face show improvement in terms of its texture and elasticity. Bio Oil makes the face supple and visibly smoothens out uneven and rough spots on the skin’s surface.
  • The treatment oil provides an extra stretch on the surface of the face. Primarily because of the conditioning and soothing properties of the oil’s formulation, fine lines on the face are smoothened out to make them less noticeable.
  • Consumer reviews that are on Bio Oil’s side generally indicate that the brand is best for clearing the skin and brightening the surface. This primarily attributed to the ability of the product to hasten the fading of dark spots and making uneven-colored spots blend well with the surrounding tone and color. Overall, Bio Oil improves the overall condition of the skin.

Negative Feedbacks: Brand does not adhere to its promises

  • One of the concerns of doubtful consumers is that Bio Oil because of its format being a treatment oil, tends to clog pores hence can possible aggravate pimple breakouts; this is primarily because of the ingredient Mineral Oil or Paraffinum Liquidum. As a cosmetic brand, Bio Oil has been tested to be non-acnegenic (does not cause clogged pores or acne), however, for some users, development of pimples is one of the first effects of Bio Oil during the first few weeks of application.
  • In general, cosmetic products in oil form are not easily absorbed by the skin. This is one dilemma that consumers see for the Bio Oil brand. Once applied on the skin, this treatment oil takes a few minutes to dry and to be fully absorbed by the skin. Other consumers likewise argue that the product is too runny and too greasy, considering that the PurCellin Oil is already added in the formulation to reduce the thickness of the base oil.
  • Results with Bio Oil are not instantly realized even after more than 8 weeks of use. Consumers indicate that though Bio Oil causes some improvements on the skin’s surface, the progress is very much of a slow pace.

Area specific use of the product, such as Bio Oil face application does not limit the brand in delivering efficacy for consumers. On one caution, consumers must remember that Bio Oil for face is not the one-size-fits-all solution to imperfections on the face. Discrepancies on the results as can be read from consumer reviews and what one user actually experiences are naturally expected because of the nature of cosmetic products in general.

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